Zemana Anti-Malware

I am an experienced technology executive and I have been extremely careful about what I allow onto my computers.  However, and this is a big however, I must confess to finally being the victim of a malware infection.

This is a really hard admission to make, but I am making it because I want to recommend Zemana – http://www.zemana.com/ to you.  I cannot speak more highly of them and honestly, after 35+ years in technology I have not been treated better by anyone.  Not by Dell, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Cisco, Avast, Norton and a host of other companies.  Not by Amazon or eBay, Compaq or Xerox, and I’ve dealt with them all.

To make a long story short, I downloaded something I should not have and after installing it my Opera browser, and only my Opera browser, got hijacked.  I did everything I could think of including uninstalling Opera, manually erasing settings, manually editing the registry.  I ran an Avast scan – I use Avast as my anti-virus software – I downloaded and ran MalwareBytes product and Zemana.  After all was said and done, the malware remained despite Zemana, Avast and MalwareBytes reporting my system was clean.

So, I sent Zemana an email and told them.  To be fair, I did not notify Avast or MalwareBytes so I don’t know how they would have responded but I do know that I immediately received assistance from Zemana.  They didn’t ask whether I had purchased a license, they just helped.  I did as they said, including running First64 from Bleeping Computer and sending Faysal the report.  Within 12 hours Faysal responded with a ‘fixlist’ file and … voila, no more malware, no more browser hijack.

I then received an email from Armagan with a link to purchase Zemana at 40% off.  Yes, I did that.  Good grief, they saved me two or three days of reinstallation.

All this on Microsoft Windows 10 64bit.

My recommendation…go and get yourself a copy of Zemana anti-malware software.  It really is worth it.

Here is the link, you need it.  Go NOW: