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Placerita Canyon 12-06-10

This car went around me on double yellow lines on Placerita Canyon, I’d estimate at about 60 mph.  I then turned left on Sand Canyon Road and then watched him go around 2 cars, crossing a double yellow line at which point he got flashed by the oncoming driver.

CA License Plate 6ZQZ987 with an LA County Fire Department plate surround.

Driver’s With A Death Wish

It is my intention to post video clips off my dash cam of drivers who drive with complete disregard for other users of the road.

I happen to live near Placerita Canyon in the Sand Canyon area of Santa Clarita, California, and have reason to spend a fair amount of time on the road around Los Angeles.  Recently a cyclist was killed on Placerita Canyon by an irresponsible driver.  I have been thinking about posting these video clips for a while and the death of this individual has convince me that I should start.

If your car, truck or motorcycle, shows up in this list of videos perhaps it is time for you to be more responsible ?

I will create individual posts, but here is the first short video clip just as a sample of what is to come.