LiveChat Pro Infected With Malware

LiveChat Pro infected with malware in their update of May 2019.

A number of years ago I installed LiveChat on one of my web sites to see how it performed. As I have been a software engineer, I was quite happy to buy a perpetual license for the LiveChat Pro version and help support the company. I installed the program on two WordPress web sites, each on its own virtual host.

After making many improvements to the program, and being permitted per my license to keep my software up to date, the company decided to force people to “upgrade” to their new program and, I believe, intentionally installed Malware with their big conversion push to their new licensing program.

At this point I am considering launching a class action against the company for breach of contract and intentionally infecting those two hosts, and ONLY those two hosts that had LiveChat installed. Furthermore, the malware was in the LiveChat plugin folder and nowhere else.

If you are a LiveChat user and experienced the same malware infection, redirecting your home page, and are interested in joining the suit, please use my contact form to send me an email with an outline of what your experience was with the “upgrade”.