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This is where i might just put some general ramblings…

The Washington d.c. swamp

I generally do not discuss politics.

That said, I do get disillusioned with the D.C. swamp from time to time, so I came up with some products, with a sense of humour, I hope, for people to “enjoy” their disillusionment.

You will see, as you check out the coffee mugs, that I am non-partisan. Take your pick, order one and send one to your friend.

I hope you enjoy them…I use mine every morning !


A rumbling is usually used to indicate that “something is coming”.  Well, that is my intention.  As I find time I would like to start posting my ramblings here.  Perhaps for you to read at your leisure, or ignore, as you see fit.  I can’t promise any particular insights, but likely my observations which, it is my intention anyway, to try to keep upbeat and positive.

Hope you come back every now and then to check in…