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February 2015 Update

I thought I would provide a quick update for those that visit the site to keep tabs on what I am doing.

First off, I am excited to say that I have been taking piano lessons now for almost a year.  While I am always frustrated that it takes me as long as it does to learn anything, I do notice that I am making headway and am really looking forward to three or four years from now when I might be able to consider myself a pianist – amateur, but a pianist.

Other important notes and accomplishments are that I have finally started on the RV-10 building project.  I am still in the early stages but I have acquired the complete suggested tool kit from Avery Tools , purchased the EAA Basics of Metal Aircraft Building DVD, bought the EAA Registering your kit project paperwork and bought the Vans Aircraft toolbox to get started with drilling and riveting.  So, while it has been a long time coming I am at least making a start.

This photo of an RV-10 is a great example and I hope mine comes out looking somewhat similar.

AC-Vans-RV-10-3-e1374878923556In addition to the airplane project, my wife and I have purchased and completely remodeled an office in downtown Newhall.  This is the new Honest Lawyer building.  All in, we have done very well with the building adding significant value and the office is really looking good.

Other changes include starting to build out the music studio, joining / forming three bands and playing regularly at venues throughout the Los Angeles area.

This year (2015) looks like it is going to be an exciting year !

Praise the Lord, he has blessed us abundantly.