A Brief Introduction

Welcome to my new web site and combined blog !

22I am an IT industry veteran, with more than 30 years in the business, have my own personal software consulting business, management consulting business and was founder and CEO of a public company designing and manufacturing digital surveillance systems on the “bleeding” edge of the technology.

I am CIO – Chief Information Officer – of General Wax Co. Inc., of North Hollywood California.  I began my relationship with General Wax with a management consulting contract in 2005.  General Wax is a privately held company.

In addition to my employment at General Wax I am a founder and CEO of International Sports Corporation – the manufacturer of the H-Box Hockey Box and a founder and CEO of ERA Enterprises Ltd. – a designer and manufacturer of consumer products.  I recently sold an intellectual property asset I have been developing since 1998 to Matoot Games (British Columbia, Canada) and have been retained by the company to provide technical management services.

I am, if nothing else, a very strategic thinker, but always with an eye to the practical.  However, I should say that in my view, almost nothing is impossible…it depends how badly one ‘wants’ it.

I hold a number of trademarks and design patents and am presently engaged in the development of additional patents.

I am what many today call a serial entrepreneur.

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I hope it is of use to you as I try to update it on a more regular basis.

Robert Heller

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